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The MTAEF-MTA Library at Baruch College

Newman LibraryThe original MTAEF/MTA Library was housed in the old MTA Headquarters Office in the World Trade Center in New York City.  After the devastating attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001, the library was destroyed.

The MTAEF & MTA membership teamed up with various major publishers to help rebuild and restock the library, ultimately creating a collection that far exceeded the original!  However, the library quickly grew too large and became unmanageable.

In 2008, the MTAEF & MTA established an agreement with Baruch College to create a separate wing specifically to house the wealth of materials in our library.  As part of this new agreement:

  • MTA members and affiliates would continue to borrow their books as they have in the past;
  • Students at Baruch College would gain access to these materials (in the library only);
  • Baruch faculty and other college professors with reciprocal library privileges could use these materials for their own research.

By joining forces with Baruch College in this venture, the library’s visibility on campus and in academia is in a strong uptrend.

What Does This Mean?

  • Most of the collection has been in storage and no one has been able to use it for years.  Original research papers, chart books and courses on technical analysis will be housed at Baruch; this will preserve their past and perhaps yield new insights when students and academics examine them.
  • Retired members and friends of the MTA, who in the past might have hesitated to donate their collections to the MTAEF-MTA, might now see the short-term benefit (a tax deduction) and the long-term positive in supporting the growth of the library in its new home.
  • The increased visibility on the campus of Baruch College (which graduates the most finance majors in the U.S.), with its courses on technical analysis and a top-shelf trading room, is growing.  Many schools across the country have visited Baruch College to copy its trading room operation.
  • The Foundation will be promoting the use of the library to the Baruch College students and faculty and other schools interested in the subject, and will sponsor research papers.

What's Happening at the MTAEF
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Aug. 14th, 2015

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